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A ) Project documentation

  •  Conceptual designs,
  •  Basic designs,
  •  Designs for obtaining construction permits,
  •  Detailed designs,
  •  As-built designs,
  •  Design documentation,made on the basis of the China Power Plant procedures,
  •  Design documentation for foreign countries on the basis of their legislation.

B) Detailed reports and other  documentation related to construction Mandatory reports(fire safety studies, safety at work studies,construction waste management plans, feasibility studies of alternative energy sources, etc.),

  •  Non-mandatory technological reports, in particular,
  •  Geodetic plans and other geodetic services,
  •  Reports for entry into official registers,
  • Other documentation related to construction, such as:

  1. Tender documents,
  2. Operating and maintenance instructions,
  1. Construction site organization plans,
  2. Functional specifications,
  3. Terms of Reference,
  4. Up-to-date Facility Documentation.

C ) Technical consulting services

  • Services related to acquiring project conditions, consents,permits,
  • Technical and design supervision,
  • Review, assessment and comparison of tenders,
  • Review,assessment and supplier’s documentation,
  • Project management.

D ) Project documentation revision

  • Preparation of reports of individual auditors,
  • Preparation of a joint audit report,
  • I nterpretation of reports


  • Studies,scientific reports
  • Preliminary designs,
  • Research and analyses,
  • Investment documentation:
  1. Reconnaissance studies,
  2. Prefeasibility studies,
  3. Feasibility studies,
  4. Project implementation studies,
  • Evaluations, reviews,
  • Spatial documentation,
  • Environmental protection documentation,
  • Business consulting,
  • Consulting E ngineering in the name of
  • Expert supervision(beyond the scope defined by the Construction Act),
  • Staff­ training,
  • Geodetic services.


  • Services within the project designing scope,
  • Services within the consultancy scope,
  • Organization of preparation of various types of documentation and services,
  • Execution of deliveries,
  • Execution of construction and assembly works,
  • Testing and commissioning,
  • Hand-over of the facility to the client



  • Supervision of all professions within the scope required by the Investor

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